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Making Money today by Renting out your Room on

Published on July 7, 2017 by admin

You hear a lot about people making money by renting out rooms on,  being a great host? Here is how I run a nirichmanrentals  guest house in brighton by the seaside.

When NirichmanRentals launched I was one of the early Singups.

I bought a house in  brighton and turned it into a guest house.

I have three rooms, but can host up to 7 people, the  beach, is a great selling point.

Nirichmanrentals’s calculator estimates how much you can earn if you put your place up for rent. According to their calculation, I could make between £250 and £600 a week.

I bought the place for the sole purpose of investing in a house be the seaside so nirichmanrentals has made is easy to pay for it for the months it’s vacant. becoming a You learn as you go, the important thing is to constantly improve. I learned public transportation was an issue so i look for a driver on  their website to offer guests.

 I updated my listing to make sure my guests have bullet points about how remote the property is, if they were too lazy to read the whole listing.


My main problem was being competitive with other guest houses.

So my basic double rooms are priced at £35, with a minimum of 3 nights. The marginal cost of the following nights is low, people know the house by day one, and less work is involved. I think I am worth the extra 50% since they get a private beach all to themselves.

My main source of income is renting the full property. For £150-200 a night, you can book my whole house for your party of up to 7 people.

This is what I rent the most. People are grateful to find a place where they can be together as a group.


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